Rowan Garden Centre, Gorelands Lane, Chalfont Saint Giles HP8 4AB

We are open Tues-Sat 9am-4pm & Sun 10am-4-pm
Closed Mondays

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Fill Your Boots Breakfast
two eggs-your way, griddled bacon, Lincolnshire sausage,  mushrooms, oven-roast vine tomatoes & beans
w/ toasted, buttered brown or white artisan slice


Fill Your Green Boots
two eggs-your way, mushrooms, oven-roast vine tomatoes, wilted spinach & beans
w/ toasted, buttered brown or white artisan slice                               
add halloumi
Top Your Toast
select your toast, add two toppings, we do the rest…
*eggs-your way *beans *mature cheddar
*oven-roast vine tomatoes *mushrooms

Even Tastier Toast
served on toasted brown or white artisan slice
*smashed avocado & poached eggs   
*smoked salmon & scrambled eggs   
*seared halloumi & vine roast toms


‘Check Out That’ Butty
soft roll stuffed with bacon or sausage, with our sticky onion marmalade & a side of spicy tomato relish

Healthy Bowl

our own home-made granola packed with nuts, seeds, dried fruits and sweet healthy treats
with low fat yoghurt, fresh berries & a drizzle of maple syrup/honey          


Muddy Boots Skillet
oven roasted pans of yumminess…
perfect for a warming brunch / served with buttered brown or white slice

*    Reggie the Veggie
smoky sweet potato, roasted mixed peppers, onion & crumbled feta
topped with a soft poached egg & parsley

*    Meet the Meat
chorizo, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, baby new potatoes & red onion
topped with a soft poached egg, chopped avocado & chives        

Triple Fluffy Pancake Stack
our pancakes & toppings are homemade and seriously good
*crispy bacon & maple syrup              
*mixed berry compote & whipped cream     
*sliced banana & chopped nuts            
*apple butter**                           
*chocolate fudge sauce & whipped cream   

Perfect Porridge -
w/regular, soya or almond milk
*cinnamon brown sugar and raisins
*banana and dark chocolate chips
*berries, honey and toasted nuts
*apple butter**
*berry compote           

Muddy Boots “French Toast”
Toasted brioche topped with low-fat yoghurt, fresh berries & a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar & flaked almonds

Banana Boost
Brown or white artisan toast spread with sugar-free peanut butter, sliced banana & a dollop of berry compote


served from midday

Muddy Boots Soup (“of-the-day”)
w/ buttered slice of brown or white artisan loaf

*thick cut ham, tomato, mature cheddar & mustard mayo

*tuna with sun-dried tomato mayo, lettuce & cucumber
*smoked salmon, cream cheese, cracked black pepper, lettuce & a squeeze of lemon   
*warm falafel, hummus, flaked almonds, salad & mint yoghurt
can be served naked (the sandwich that is…)
no bread- just extra salad on the side

Open Faced Grilled Sarnies
*ham, mustard, apple butter** & mature cheddar
*tuna, sun-dried tomato mayo & mature cheddar  
*goat’s cheese, mushroom & red onion         
*Welsh rarebit & vine roast tomatoes           


Little Ones’ Lunchbox

mini sandwich served with carrot & cucumber sticks as well as juicy sultanas & raisins
their choice of ham, cheddar cheese or jam


Scooby Snacks
A real dog’s dinner- meat scraps & biscuit treats  
We are open Tues-Sat 9am-4pm & Sun 10am-4-pm
Closed Mondays


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